Archives for July, 2017

Webinar: Valuable Banking Insights Into Gen Z & Millennials

Learn valuable banking insights into Gen Z & Millennials. Within three years, they will account for over 60% of our US population and 70% of consumer spending. Do we have your attention now!! One Touch


One Touch Video Chat’s Podcast Named Top 50 Customer Experience Podcasts

NGData names Top 50 Customer Experience Podcasts. See our Executive Innovation: The Future of Customer Experience & Sales Podcast featured as #21 on the list (in alphabetic order), check it out. Customer experience (CX) can make or break


Financial Fun Podcast: Guest Carrie Chitsey Co-Founder/COO

Tammy Johnson host of the Financial Fun Podcast interviews One Touch Video Chat’s Co-Founder and COO Carrie Chitsey. Carrie Chitsey Wells is interviewed by Tammy Johnston the author of Financial Foundations Children’s book series and host