Estimation & Dispatch

Estimation & Dispatch

In the home improvement and services industry, providing a reliable and timely estimate to customers and prospects is very expensive. Hence, most estimates don’t lead to a paying job. Consumers want everything at their fingertips and waiting days or weeks to get multiple estimates is over. As a result, research shows that 35-50% of consumers’ go to the vendor that responded first.

One Touch Video Chat provides companies the ability to provide your prospective clients with virtual face to face video chat estimates. Therefore, you can increase estimates without having to physically go to the location.  This means more estimates, more jobs, more revenue at a lower cost.

Why home service professionals should use video chat for estimate and dispatching communications?

  • Implement virtual home services estimates such as painting, remodeling, plumbing, pools, handy man, landscaping and much more.
  • Offer virtual customer service and support to follow up on jobs that have been completed and see any follow up items that need to be addressed by contractors.
  • Provide “worker” to “supervisor” support on individual jobs to discuss issues, materials needed or more man power to improve field service outcomes without supervisor having to go onsite.