Video Chat Partnership

Video Chat Partnership

1. Plug & Play

means no hardware or software to install to get video call routing, reporting and surveys to compliment your existing operations.

2. Bring Ideas to Life
and brand them for your company. We’ve been in your shoes and we work behind the scenes while you take the credit.

3. Low Cost to Implement 
allows for no/limited IT help with no hardware or software to support. Browser + webcam = ready! 

4. Customer Connection
builds trust through face to face communication with your existing service & sales channels. 

5. Customer Surveys
are instant feedback from the customers. Customize, learn, respond and improve.

6. Low Maintenance Solution

lets you implement the technology with minimum constraints from IT resources.

7. Mobile App, SDK or Desktop
means you can deploy in APP or on desktop or build an APP. Built and architected by veteran Industry Executives. 

8. Scale Without Constraints 

give your business gets the luxury of scale without increased costs.