Webinar Recording & Whitepaper 

Bank of the Future: Video Banking

Consumers want everything at their fingertips, so why should connecting with your bank be any different?

Missed our "Bank of the Future" webinar? No problem, we recorded it, take a listen.  Some of the topics we discussed: 

  • Marketing & Customer Experience by Generation
  • How Close is the "Bank of the Future"
  • Hybrid Bank of the Future Model
  • Video Banking & Things to Consider in a Partner



No legacy thinking 

Low overhead allows for high interest rates and extended "centralized" hours of operation. 

No legacy systems or constraints allow for rapid technology innovation such as mobile video banking. 

Reduced need for physical branches with rise in mobile banking, no ATM Fees & remote deposits.


Customer Experience

Fresh Technology

Why Consumers Are Flocking to Fintech Banks: Branchless Growth

We have operationalized video banking to plug instantly into your branches and contact center. 

  • No hardware to install, no software to host. 
  • Our technology connects video across mobile devices and desktop.
  • Our desktop SaaS platform allows for video routing, customer surveys, reporting & CRM.

Plug & Play for Branches