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attract new banking customers

5 Ways To Attract New Banking Customers Through Technology In 2022

Community Banks and Credit Unions have the most to gain when it comes to video banking technology. With that in mind, here’s 5 ways to attract new banking customers through technology in 2022.

Video Conferencing VS. Video Banking

Why Video Conferencing Doesn’t Work For Video Banking: Video Conferencing VS. Video Banking Breakdown

You need much more to have a fully streamlined video product when it comes to external customer-facing video chats. What are the things to consider when you’re comparing Video Conferencing VS. Video Banking?

decentralized banking

Decentralized Banking in 2022

With over 59% of customers opening a deposit account online in 2020, community banks and credit unions don’t just have to compete with technology-advanced mega banks but with neo banks and direct banks not built on decentralized banking.

customer-focused banking services

Customer-Focused Banking Services with Video Banking

Customer-focused banking services provide your customers with better emotional connections and take them step by step through all of the things you need to do for their video banking experience, product questions, advice, and transactions. This gives you the competitive advantage to leapfrog direct banks that highlight virtual services for their digital customers.


Carrie Chitsey