Call for Guests: Executive Innovation Podcast

Are you an Executive in Customer Service or Sales? Do you know an Expert who has a great perspective on the industry? Want to be on our Executive Innovation podcast?

One Touch Brands brings you real executive conversations and topics about the evolution of customer service, sales, and marketing.

Discussion also centers around how technological innovation is driving the change in consumer expectations. Hear technology and industry experts, executives, innovators, and entrepreneurs openly talk about a number of topics:

  • The problems they encounter and what it takes to solve them.
  • The future of technology and its effect on business.
  • The future of the mobile and digital in customer service and sales.

We ask the questions you are thinking, the questions you are scared to ask, and we make your brain hurt after! Hosted by our Co-Founder and COO, Carrie Chitsey Wells.

Email us and we’ll fit you in!