Hiring and Recruiting Whitepaper

Hiring and Recruiting Whitepaper

Our White Paper: Hiring in a Candidate Driven Market has the latest insights into the staffing, recruiting, and hiring market.

The hiring market today is increasingly candidate driven.  What this means for businesses, recruiters, and hr professionals is that the competition is greater than ever and candidate experience matters more. Many times, the first impression that a potential hire will have of the company is the career page on their website.  Expectations are high that they will be treated as an individual and not a number, and if expectations are not met, it will affect their impression of the company as a whole.  Negative experiences in the hiring process affect the overall bottom line, not just in missed opportunities for talent, but in reputation and brand loyalty.  57% of job seekers reporting a negative candidate experience boycotted the company’s products afterward.

Hiring tactics, methods, and technology have really changed the way recruiters and hiring managers engage with candidates. Many companies are utilizing new technology to compete for the best talent and candidate experience. While some companies still resist technology changes doing so, will lose competitive advantage in a candidate driven market.

However, while many of these tools can assist in filtering large numbers of candidates, they can mistakenly filter out the high quality or discourage them entirely. We compare chatbots, pre-recorded video interviews, and live video interviews.

Culture fit in hiring, staffing, and recruiting

So how do you save resources while creating a human connection? Live Video Interviews are the emergent technology that provides the solution.  80% of people would take one job over another based on personal relationships formed during the interview process. As culture fit becomes more important, so does the issue of how to measure it during the hiring process. 60% of recruiters say culture fit is the most crucial factor in extending an offer. Culture fit accounts for 50% of employee engagement and 20% more productivity comes from an engaged employee. So we know how culture fit directly impacts success, but how do you screen for it? A face-to-face conversation is paramount.  Nonverbal communication provides insights beyond the phone call screen.

A Live Video Interview provides a candidate with the convenience that shows a respect for their time and demonstrates a commitment to innovation. More convenience means better quality candidates, many of whom have time restrictions due to being currently employed. In fact, 34% of people prefer in-person interviews while 57% of candidates prefer live video interviews.

Additional info includes:

  • Historical trends and projections in hiring, staffing, and recruiting
  • Competitive insights into the job market
  • How to narrow your hiring funnel
  • Time and cost savings in hiring, staffing, and recruiting technology
  • A quick start guide for live video interviews

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