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By 2020, 70% of organizations will cite customer satisfaction as a primary benefit derived from fields services, up from approximately 50% today.

In addition, 75% of field service organizations will over 50 users deploy mobile apps to help technicians succeed and communicate with customers by 2020.

The home services industry in the US was $400B in 2016 (some estimate it’s $800B), that’s an increase of 22% since 2011 and rising.  The large retailers only make up 47.2% of that market share leaving the large majority up to local and independent contractors.

Whether you run a fields services organization or home services one, you are faced with similar struggles. The consumer expectations are changing and it’s driving these industries to change with it. Home and field service companies have a large percentage of their workforce that are contractors, however, this is the front lines to customers. Gartner estimates, by 2020, over 40% of the field service work will be performed by technicians that are not employees of the organization.

Field services companies are at a crossroads in how to provide the best customer experience while reducing the costs. In addition, the home improvement industry is trying to figure out how to estimate more jobs, faster while creating a competitive advantage in a highly competitive marketplace. Video chat solutions for field services allow home improvement professionals to estimate jobs virtually and faster. Furthermore, this provides consumers the convenience of not waiting around for contractor appointments.

Field services video chat affords companies the ability to fix the problem remotely for 15% to 30% of trouble calls received. At $100 per truck roll saved, the ROI is significant. Furthermore, technical support video chat can reduce text and audio communications by 50-70%.

Using video chat solutions for field services not only reduces handle time significantly, it increases CSAT and NPS scores by 50-80%. Field services video chat solutions allow for the highest convenience and engagement, while maintaining the lowest cost to implement.

Estimate Interactions & Experience Comparison

Phone Estimate
Video Estimate
Customer Convenience
Company Costs
Customer Engagement
Customer Experience


Virtual Video Chat Estimates


Increase conversion rates by connecting estimates to home owners virtually to illustrate through video what is needed. Reduce cost per job significantly while increasing the reach, geography, and competitive advantage.

Video Chat Virtual Sales


Increase close rates with face to face connections to build trust virtually. Video Chat delivers up to 35% higher close rates.

Video Chat Technology for Tech Support


Visually see what is going on in the customer home or office to remotely troubleshoot and fix.

Video Chat Contractor


Remotely connect technicians in the field to centralized support to complete installs and technician tickets faster and more cost effectively.

Video Chat Customer Service


Improve service levels through body language communication. Follow up with work and project related tasks through video connections.

Video Chat for Communication and Hiring


Enhance the recruiting and interviewing process with contractors and interal candidates through video chat. Hire smarter, faster and more cost effectively.

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