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Over the last year, travel companies have increased their awareness of consumer expectations, making them re-imagine their technology, customer experience strategies to create key differentiators for unmatched travel experiences. Many travelers seem to prefer technology to human beings, they want to check-in digitally and don’t mind if a robot delivers room service. However, this gives staff the opportunity to focus on more personalized service, as opposed to robotic tasks with technology such as video chat.

While 82% of Gen X book their travel online, the Millennials are expected to represent 50% of all travelers to the US by 2025. Today’s digital travelers want authenticity, personalization, removal of friction, and on-demand functionality in their travel experiences.

Whether you are a hotel, casino, rental car company, airline, property management company or visitor’s bureau you need to think about face to face video chat interactions for personalized connections with your travelers. The digital world in which we live in highly relies on social sharing and travel reviews of our travel experiences. Our hospitality video chat solutions allow you to connect the digital world with the physical world.

The video chat technology allows you to provide a higher level of service to your guests of all reward and spent levels with video concierges’ services, butler or hosts services. We live in a world where we are tethered to our smartphones, not a hotel hardwired phone or airport customer service old school kiosk. Mobile video chat solutions allow the traveler to use their own smartphone and with one touch of a button, video connect as if they were sitting in front of you. This level of customer experience not only increases CSAT and NPS scores, it increases retention levels and revenue alike.

Across all demographics, consumers are buying based on customer experience and convenience, not product and price. This technology affords you the ability to deliver this type of traveler experience without traditional investments in video kiosks and hardware restrictive for scaling.

Today’s digital consumer is socially A-D-D and wants their purchase and information instantly. There is no better solution to be able to show someone sitting in Texas, a business conference or wedding area in Florida than through video chat technology. This hybrid model approach can increase conversion rates by 4x.

Hospitality video chat solutions allow for the highest convenience, highest engagement while being the lowest cost to implement.

Traveller Interactions & Experience Comparison

Customer Convenience
Company Costs
Customer Engagement
Customer Experience


Video Chat Hospitality, Video Chat Conference Bookings


Increase conversion rates by connecting the virtual and physical worlds. Instantly provide video personalized tours to clear up questions and book.

Video Travel Assist, Video Concierge


Increase the average ticket value with personalized travel assistance. With today’s digital “on the go” consumer helping them plan their trip.

Video Chat Concierge, Video Chat Property Management


Connect with property owners, contractors and tenants to decrease back and forth, reduce costs and drive a higher level of customer experience.

Video Chat Concierge


Remove the geographic restrictions of providing concierge services to guests. Whether on-site or in a centralized location, with the touch of a button a video concierge is there.

Video Chat Car Rental


Allow remote car rentals from centralized locations and provide the ability to check driver’s license, car damage, walk through with video connections.

Video Chat Hospitality


Allow travelers to connect to centralized reservation assistance while sitting in an airport seat vs. a long counter line. Reduce the stress and negative experience with both travelers and employees. Provide a higher level of service with lower centralized costs.

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