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In 2017, cable operators and ISPs tied for last place in customer satisfaction with a rating of just 64%, according to American Customer Satisfaction Index. This trend of substandard customer experience has been the same year after year. As a society, we have become so dependent and addicted to our internet, wireless, and TV services that anything less than perfection will drive a panic if it’s not immediately rectified. So, can you imagine a world where you don’t have to send a technician to the customers home and video chat technology for tech support can be done remotely? First of all, it’s here and not futuristic.

However, more than half a million subscribers defected from cable and satellite providers during the first quarter of 2017 making it the largest loss in history. While some say this is a reflection on the large cost difference in cable vs. internet service providers, some will argue it’s also a direct reflection of loyalty due to poor customer service. This coincides with recent facts that say 39% of adults will leave a brand or company because of poor customer service.

Telecommunication companies are at a crossroads with trying to reduce costs while increasing customer satisfaction. Implementing video chat technology for tech support allows the best of both worlds for providers and most of all customers. It costs cable providers an average $100 a truck roll to go into a customer’s home to troubleshoot technical issues. Telecommunications video chat solutions afford companies the ability to fix the problem remotely for 15% to 30% of trouble calls received. At $100 per truck roll saved, the ROI is significant. In addition to the truck roll costs, the average cost per call for a level 2 technical support call is over $15. This is largely due to the increased handle time of trying to verbally troubleshoot with the customer. Telecommunications video chat solutions can reduce text and audio communications by 50-70%.

Using video chat technology for tech support not only reduces handle time significantly, it increases CSAT and NPS scores by 50-80%. Telecommunication video chat solutions allow for the highest convenience and engagement while being the lowest cost to implement of any innovative technology in the marketplace.

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In-Person Service Call
Tech Support Phone, Text, Chat
Face-to-Face Video Support
Customer Convenience
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Customer Engagement
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Telecommunications Video Chat Solutions


Increase conversion rates by connecting product specialists to select the proper packages to meet and match customer lifestyle needs.

Video Chat Technology for Tech Support


Visually see what is going on in the customer home or office to remotely troubleshoot and fix.

Telecommunications Video Chat Solutions for Retention


Improve retention through body language communication. Breaking up face to face is harder to do and can improve save rates by 40%.

Telecommunications Video Chat Solutions for Sales Conversion


Increase close rates with face to face connections to build trust virtually. Video Chat delivers up to 35% higher close rates.

Video Chat Technology for Tech Support Technicians


Remotely connect technicians in the field to centralized support to complete installs and technician tickets faster and more cost effectively.

Video Chat Hiring and Recruiting


Enhance the recruiting and interviewing process in retail locations, with contractors, and in call centers with video chat. Hire smarter, faster and more cost effectively.

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