Video Chat for Digital Real Estate Services.

Scalable. Simple. Solved.

  • Enhance Digital Real Estate buying and selling experiences.
  • Increase conversion rates with wholesalers, investors, and out-of-state buyers.
  • Increase "speed to offer" for your cash offers.
speed to offer

Reduce speed to offer by 18+ days

Increase Offer Conversion Rate by +56%

Reduce Touchpoints by 37%

Video Offer Review + On-Screen Guidance

Live walkthrough and screen share to review offers, forms to fill out, and increase one-call resolution from anywhere and everywhere.

Decision Maker Video Collaboration

Mirror face-to-face workflows with video call transfer, add an expert or external client parties for faster decision making.

The Difference Is Clear – Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Consumer Video Apps


Shakey, blurry and not usable for screen shot image capture

• Have call participants’ faces in every screenshot

Clarity isn’t there to make virtual decisions without going in-person

One Touch Video Chat


• Take 4k Screenshots with a click

• Usable photos for listings, condition reviews, and digital instant offers

• Fully white-labeled video chat platform makes you look professional and innovative

Video Chat for digital real estate services provides the scalability you need for

  • Intelligent routing of video calls instantly to remote team members,
  • Text investors and buyers secure links to video tour homes,
  • Remotely take 4k images for instant cash offer packages,
  • And Instant property feedback surveys post video calls.

In the seller’s market, speed-to-offer is a critical element. The ability to complete the full process from anywhere allows you to compete with “companies gone digital.” The Opendoors and Zillows of the market will no longer hold the upper hand in digital, instant offers. With a scalable, streamlined process - you don't have to be the big tech powerhouses you've seen the other real estate giants become. 

Most of all, our digital homebuying platform allows you to report and analyze your ROI to see the results in weeks, not months or years.


You can now afford the technology to beat their offer process speed by 50%+.
video mortgage advisor

Video Chat for

Real Estate

Product Sheet – Brought to You by One Touch Video Chat

Video Chat for digital real estate services provides the scalability you need for:
  • Reducing your speed to offer by 18+ days
  • Increase offer conversion by 56+%
  • Reduce touchpoints by 37%
Your clients and competitors are utilizing digital video tools to acquire and close business. What are you waiting for? 

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Carrie Chitsey