What are the Top Practice Areas for Video Telemedicine?

Using video chat technology has proven to be a cost-effective way to provide non-emergency medical care. Moreover, congressional proposals to telemedicine reimbursement will take effect in January 2019, which may broaden the appeal and application of video telemedicine for providers and patients alike. Several of these laws will help clarify Medicare reimbursement to healthcare providers using […]

Hospital Video Telehealth: 3 Reasons You Why Can’t Wait

In 2019, hospital video telehealth will rock the healthcare industry. And patients are the driving force behind this movement. As such, the jolt from this new platform has hospitals and doctors scrambling to implement video telehealth into their own practice. The following is three reasons why you should implement hospital video telehealth into your medical […]

Increase Non-Profit Engagement Through Video Chat

Video Chat offers opportunities to connect and communicate face-to-face.  This week’s Coffee with Carrie outlines a few applications to increase non-profit engagement through video chat. Mentoring Time can be the biggest barrier for a mentor/mentee relationship to be established and thrive. One example used in this video is Big Brothers, Big Sisters.  There are agreed […]

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