Breaking Down Telehealth Billable Codes, Reimbursement, & Beyond

Download our new Telehealth Billable Codes Infographic to learn more! Navigating the tricky landscape that surrounds telehealth billable codes can be a tough process on your own. Especially since telehealth is a relatively new care method for a widening patient population. In addition, the guidelines that govern telehealth reimbursement are still forming and vary from […]

6 Things to Consider When Selecting a Telemedicine Platform

So, you’re ready to add telemedicine to your healthcare practice. But how can you know for certain which telemedicine provider will improve your practice? Do you know your telemedicine ROI? Or how long the telemedicine implementation will take? Every healthcare provider has different needs. You need to think carefully about telemedicine technology, patient needs, and […]

What are the Top Practice Areas for Video Telemedicine?

Using video chat technology has proven to be a cost-effective way to provide non-emergency medical care. Moreover, congressional proposals to telemedicine reimbursement will take effect in January 2019, which may broaden the appeal and application of video telemedicine for providers and patients alike. Several of these laws will help clarify Medicare reimbursement to healthcare providers using […]

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