Incorporating Video Chat Into Your Returns Process

Incorporating Video Chat Into Your Returns Process

Is Fraud Crippling Your Bottom-Line?

It’s estimated that fraud costs retailers up to $17 BILLION annually in the U.S. The growing popularity of online purchases will only increase this cost over time. In this coffee with Carrie, we discuss how innovative executives can prevent fraud with video chat returns while improving the customer’s experience.

Video Chat Returns is Your Answer

The cause of many returns and faulty products is user error. Customers find something wrong and blame you. Installation manuals and online training videos can only go so far, and fail to answer specific questions. Email isn’t much help either. Multiple barriers keep you from solving their problem.

Video chat returns change that:

  • See the product in real-time
  • Identify parts, recalls, and replacements faster and more cost-effective
  • Reduce product replacement by seeing the product real-time prior to shipping a replacement
  • Reduce handle time by up to 70% compared to phone

Most importantly, video chat helps eliminate fraudulent claims. Check serial numbers, examine product parts, and check packaging all in real-time. And with our technology, you can clearly read up to a 6 point font.

Don’t believe us? Schedule a demo and we’ll show you!

Implementing Tiers Into Your Returns Process

While every company will require unique strategies to implement video chat returns, we’ve found dividing requests into tiers to be most effective. By splitting returns into tiers, you can more efficiently route your customers and tackle fraudulent claims. Here are a few ways we recommend routing your requests:

Tier 1 Claims:

  • Wrong Sized Part
  • Missing/Incomplete Orders
  • And other simple requests that your current system is effectively handling

Tier 2 Claims:

  • Reroute Tier 1 calls based on need
  • Damaged Packaging
  • High-Risk/Big Ticket items, with a greater chance of fraudulent submissions
  • Or you can leave the option to the consumer to choose what works best for them

Want to see more applications of our video chat technology? See how video support for returns is impacting retail and giving companies a competitive advantage in the digital space.