In this Retail Video Chat Support for Returns Coffee with Carrie segment, you might hear about some of these goodies.

Today, more than ever before consumers are purchasing consumer products directly online versus historically where they would get it through a brick and mortar third party retailer. Mid last year, Kenmore made an announcement that they were going to be selling appliances directly on Amazon. These moves we’ll see more and more of in 2018. However, this creates an entirely new servicing, returns and warranty processes for consumer product and manufacturers.

Online purchasing of household good, appliances, sporting goods equipment and furniture make these categories the top growth categories for ecommerce growth. This growth is making retail executives have to rethink their contact centers, returns policies, delivery and setup operations and warranty processes. To continue to keep up with the consumer demands to shopping and buy these categories online, retailers must think outside the box on how to virtually connect the online and physical world with consumers.

Retail video chat support for returns, warranty technical support and installation issues results in decreased costs and increased customer satisfaction.


Retail Video Chat Support for Returns Impacts the Bottom Line:

We like lists, and you should too! Here’s one for you now:

  • Reduces the risk for “user error” and product warranty fraud
  • Reduces the overall category of “shipping new product” to replace products which is very costly
  • Reduce the amount of product replacement parts shipped
  • Reduce sending out someone for service calls or to pickup large applicance type products

Face-to-Face interaction through Video Chat Support for Returns can save you millions a month.

Unfortunately for companies, many returns and faulty products are often the cause of user error. Despite best efforts to assist the consumer through a phone channel or text chat, traditional methods create a communication barrier between the customer and the call center. Why?

  • Can’t see the actual product
  • Confusion on what you are talking about and seeing
  • Lack on knowledge of the product from the consumer
  • Video chat for returns can reduce handle time over phone or text chat by up to 70%

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