Video Banking IS NOT Video Conferencing

Video Banking IS NOT Video ITMs

Video Banking for the Bank of the Future

Video Banking IS a less expensive, more cohesive way to reach your customers and optimize your workforce.

video conference banking
video ITM Interactive teller machine ATM
video banking is not
video banking is not

Real Estate is No Longer King

Over 3300 branches closed in 2018. 

Learn how innovative banks are extending reach, acquisition, and servicing without expensive real estate investments. 

Your Customers Have Gone Digital

50% of consumers want their banks to blend physical branches and digital services. Find out more on demands, demographics, and preferences.

What is Video Banking?

Find out the major differences between video banking, video conferencing, and video ITM's.

What are the demand drivers for video banking? How can your bank adapt during and post-COVID?

Comparison chart of video banking vs. video conferencing vs. video ITMs? ​

Lessons learned from COVID and how it changes branch design and new locations. 

Video Banking: 

Banking Beyond Four Walls

White Paper

Customers are managing their transactions in their pockets.

With this in mind, do you still need a branch on every corner?  What if a new model could be more cost-effective than the traditional real estate footprint strategy?

Innovative bank executives are extending reach, acquisition, and servicing without expensive real estate investments by using digital video banking. 

Best Practices for the Virtual Banking Ecosystem

The Future of Banking Whitepaper

The Future of Banking Best practices for the virtual banking ecosystem

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Community Banking Beyond Four Walls

Tim Schneider (CEO of Investors Community Bank) |

Steve Miller (President and CEO of Fresno First Bank)

The Bank of the Future

How to Deepen Relationships Through Video Banking

  • Marketing & Customer Experience by Generation
  • How Close is the "Bank of the Future"
  • Hybrid Bank of the Future Model
  • Video Banking & Things to Consider in a Partner
  • 2020 Banking Priorities
  • Deepen Relationships Through Video Banking
  • The New Customer-Centric Banking Model
  • Optimizing Distribution: Virtually Connecting Speciality Areas + Branches
  • Video Banking Areas of Opportunity

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The Bank of the Future

How to Deepen Relationships Through Video Banking

Consumers want everything at their fingertips, so why should connecting with your bank be any different?

With today's digital customer, banks want to increase new account openings without expanding brick and mortar.


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No legacy thinking 

No legacy systems or constraints allow for rapid technological innovation such as mobile video banking. 


Fresh Technology

Reduced need for physical branches with rise in mobile banking, no ATM Fees & remote deposits.


Customer Experience

Low overhead allows for high interest rates and extended "centralized" hours of operation. 

Why Consumers Are Flocking to Fintech Banks: Branchless Growth


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