How Local Banks Can Deepen Relationships Through Video Banking

How Local Banks Can Deepen Relationships Through Video Banking

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In case you missed our “How Local Banks Can Deepen Relationships Through Video Banking” webinar, you are in luck!

A recap of what you missed that you can listen to (we guarantee a great 35-40 minutes)!

Smaller to medium institutions such as community banks, regional banks, and credit unions are seen as trusted advisers in their community. With digital transformation making paper transactions non-existent, bankers need to shift their focus to solving problems. Most of all, building digital relationships are essential to increase wallet share with existing and new customers. The new banking customer-centric model is driving growth. Thus, 75% of banks are making an investment in this area.

Hear why 80% of banking executives have plans to roll out video banking in the future.

More noteworthy topics discussed in the webinar:
  • Fintech + 2020 Banking Priorities: The Numbers Don’t Lie
  • How to Deepen Relationships: Video of Traditional Banking Journey vs. Digital Video Banking Journey
  • The New Customer-Centric Banking Model
  • Optimizing Distribution: Virtually Connecting Speciality Areas + Branches
  • Video Banking Areas of Opportunity

Listen to the “Deepen Relationships through Video Banking” recording and White Paper now.