Video Chat

Customer Experience & Sales REINVENTED with Video Chat!

One Touch Video Chat has operationalized video chat for you to route, connect and track your customers’. Our SaaS technology is “plug and play” allowing implementation speed to market within weeks, not months or years. Founded by mobile pioneers and seasoned Marketing and Customer Experience thought leaders, our technology allows cost reduction, increased revenue and customer satisfaction opportunities.  We want everything at our fingertips, so why should connecting to your company be any different.

Why should you use One Touch Video Chat’s technology?:

  • Our virtual and instant video chat operationalizes the communication between companies and their customers or employees, therefore, creating instant face-to-face connections.
  • Allow your customers to connect through their mobile device or desktop while your employees use our SaaS desktop dashboard to accept the chats, track, report and disposition the conversation.
  • We offer the flexibility to use our light weight SDK with your existing mobile app or we can white label you a “ready to market” mobile app within weeks.
  • Get immediate video chat feedback with our flexible survey module that is configurable for customer and employee feedback.
  • Our desktop dashboard allows your professionals to accept the video connections while providing you with the reporting and analytics to track and measure the results.

We provide the technology, thought leadership and support from strategy to execution.

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