Everything You Need For The Video Mortgage Journey

The rise of digital mortgages is keeping banking executives up at night. Large banks have lost 52% market share over the last 7 years to online lenders. The consumer lending environment has changed and it’s driven by customer demands for digital experiences, fast responses, and high touch hand-holding.


With the average age of homebuyers in 2017 at 44 years old and over 50% of today’s home buyers under the age of 36, the new consumer is increasing not decreasing its demands. Branch footprints are smaller and most banks have already centralized their loan officers. This means that most mortgage advisors are talking to customers over the phone and email without meeting them “like the old days”.

video chat for mortgage

Interestingly enough, the younger demographic doesn’t want to communicate about their mortgage via email or text, they prefer in-person or phone communications even with an online lender. The only effective way to conduct this handholding is through video mortgage advisors.


With 82% of buyers getting pre-approved for a home, that first contact, whether it’s an online lender, local bank, or national bank is critical. The mortgage industry has always been one of the most highly competitive industries. Opposite of your thinking while rates are important, the experience and connection are equally important. Research shows that a national name, a local location doesn’t rate even close on a “buying” decision as to the first impression, being an advisor, and ability to work with the buyer.


Video mortgage advisors have proven to increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs and increase close rates. In addition, creating that “first impression” and being able to virtually meet someone vs. the competitor’s phone call, increases close rates dramatically.


One Touch Video Chat’s video mortgage advisor platform provides you everything you need for routing the video calls, providing direct calling to individual loan officers, the ability to route between physical and centralized locations and instant customer surveys. Most of all, our video mortgage advisor platform allows you to report and analyze your ROI to see the results in weeks, not months or years.



Increase competitive advantage with the initial remote video pre-qual process. Build virtual face-to-face relationships and read mannerisms.


Provide your realtor network the ability to video in their clients, right from the home they want to put an offer in on.


Create deeper relationships, increase retention with proactive virtual face-to-face communications.


Carrie Chitsey