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Retail Video Chat Solutions for Today's Digital Consumer

Whether you are an online retailer or have physical retail stores, the consumer shopping experience has changed. For the first time, mobile shopping has overtaken desktop. Retailers that did not put a heavy emphasis on e-commerce 10 years ago are seeing the downward spiral now and big-box retailers are falling like dominoes. Just like e-commerce was 10 years ago, innovative retailers are launching retail video chat solutions to connect face to face with their prospective customers.

With the rise of the digital age, retailers are shifting their business model away from brick and mortar to a model that is customer-centric with virtual borders.

Across all demographics, consumers are buying based on customer experience and convenience.

A few stats to think about when considering why retail video chat solutions can increase your Customer Experience and Conversion Rates:

  • Gen Z & Millennials will be over 60% of the population by 2020
  • By 2018, Millennials will have more buying power than Baby
    Boomers ($1.4 Trillion)
  • Baby Boomers shop online just as frequently as Millennials
  • Gen X made more online purchases (19) in 2016 than any other

Online purchases of larger items such as appliances, furniture, home décor, and luxury items are on the rise as consumers get more comfortable with e-commerce. Historically, these items required a consumer to go into a retail location to “showroom” before making a buying decision. Retail video chat technology allows the best of both worlds. A retailer can enhance the e-commerce experience with a hybrid model of virtual and physical stores. There are only so many images and descriptions that can be provided on websites, which reduces the conversion rates on ticket items over $500. Today’s digital consumer is socially A-D-D and wants their purchase and information instantly. With instant retail video chat, a consumer can video chat with a sales or service representative and get to see products in-store through remote video. As a result, this hybrid model approach can increase conversion rates by 4x.
Retail video chat solutions allow for the highest convenience, highest engagement while being the lowest cost to implement.

The New Hybrid Model

Retail Video Chat Brick Solutions

Brick & Mortar

Centralized Buying/Shipping

  • Square Feet
  • Number of Locations
  • Number of Employees
  • Reduced Inventory
Retail Video Chat Interior Experience

Interior Experience

  • Driven by Customer Experience
    rather than transactions
  • Lounges, greeting stations, and
    tablet ordering
  • Remote video chat to other
    locations/contact centers to
    show products and place order
Retail Video Chat Consumer Experience


  • Increased mobile shopping,
    reduced desktop transactions
  • Mobile Video Chat connecting
    consumers at home to
    physical locations +
    centralized showrooms


Video Chat for E-Commerce Sales


Increase conversion rates by connecting the virtual and physical worlds. Reduce comparison shopping by providing memorable experiences.

Video Chat for Virtual Showroom


Remove the geographic restrictions of showrooms and increase the productivity of sales professionals to assist with online shoppers. Provide personalized virtual tours and product demonstrations.

Video Chat Solutions for Returns


Provide frictionless returns through video “let me see” return process which reduce costs and increase CSAT scores.

Video Chat for Fashion Assist


Increase the average ticket value with personalize shopping assistance. With today’s digital “on the go” consumer get preferences, pull the rack, and save time.

Video Chat Retail Solutions


Understand the customer’s usage and behavior through video conversation to make recommendations for peripherals such as electronics, phones, and computers. Increase the online cart size with accessories and add-ons.

Video Chat Hiring and Recruiting


Increase clarity and communication to visualize body language. Hire smarter and faster Increase clarity by communicating with body language. Hire smarter, faster, and remotely while concurrently reducing cost to hire.

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