Route, Report, and Gain Insights

One Touch Video Chat’s platform as a service dashboard connects with our native video chat mobile apps, third party websites, and native apps. Our dashboard gives you everything you need throughout the video chat journey. Whether your employees are in brick and mortar locations, a call center or general office environment, the dashboard connects them whenever and wherever.

Our technology does not require you to purchase any expensive hardware or software. The cloud video chat solutions give our clients peace of mind to focus on providing the best video chat experience, allowing us to focus on high-quality video, routing and reporting.

Some of the key features of our video chat dashboard include:

  • Setup contact reason video call routing or direct employee or department dialing.
  • Add and remove video chat employees without the need for technical assistance.
  • Manage contact reason groups externally to your customers and add/remove agents that are best skilled to take those video calls.
  • Setup both employee and customer surveys to immediately gain feedback to measure your CSAT and follow up required.
  • Group and personal queue management and routing.
  • Enable desktop notifications to know when a video call comes into the queue and text messaging triggers as required.
  • Highly scalable cloud infrastructure eliminates the need for additional servers and hardware.
  • Use independently from your telephony provider or integrate into existing CTI providers. Our platform was built by telephony and call center executives to provide you the flexibility for implementation.
  • Reporting and insights to understand all steps of the video chat journey.

All you need for our video chat dashboard is a browser and webcam to get started. One Touch Video Chat provides plug and play video chat solutions for call centers with our easy to roll toolset set. Throughout the video chat journey, we provide everything you need to route, report and gain insights immediately.

Plug and Play Flexibility

Video Chat Dashboard


Everything needed for the video chat journey. Route, report and gain insights.

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Mobile SDK

We offer native IOS and Android video SDK’s to deliver the optimal HD video experience.

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Mobile App Build

No App, no problem.
Configure your experience within weeks.

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Add video chat to your website throughout your existing user experience.



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