Integrate Desktop Video Chat into Your Website Experience

One Touch Video Chat’s desktop video chat allows companies to implement video chat and video banking capabilities within your own website user experience. Our flexible approach to video chat integration allows you to pick and choose the features you wish to enable on your website. In addition, our platform as a service dashboard connects with the website video chat to be able to route, report and gain insights on your video chat connections.

Integrate video chat communications into your website within hours. No need to build out a desktop dashboard or integrate into your telephony software. Most clients can integrate video chat within minutes if not hours.

Some of the key features of our desktop video chat include:

  • Integrate into your existing website without exposing any third-party applications to your end user.
  • Configure the end user experience with your branding, user experience, while we stay behind the scenes.
  • Connect website prospective or current customers with employees in brick and mortar locations and/or contact centers.
  • Have the flexibility to pick and choose which features and functionality you want to integrate into your user experience.
  • Allow business departments the flexibility to have end users select the contact reason, video dial employees directly or both.
  • Gain customer feedback immediately after the video call with a configurable customer survey.
  • Gain immediate disposition or employee feedback post the video call with a configurable employee survey.
  • Highly scalable cloud infrastructure eliminates the need for additional servers and hardware.
  • No hardware or software needed for video chat employees taking video chat communications.
  • Provide incredibly clear video quality with the highest 4K UHD resolution that can read down to a 6-point font.
  • Secure communications using industry standard security protocols such as RFC 7519, TLS, HTTPS, and SRTP.
  • Ability to export reporting or pull data into external systems for reporting and insights.

One Touch Video Chat solution suite allows for easy integration, rapid deployment and all the features needed from both a technology and business perspective. Throughout the video chat journey, we provide everything you need to route, report and gain insights immediately.

Plug and Play Flexibility

Video Chat Dashboard


Everything needed for the video chat journey. Route, report and gain insights.

Mobile Video Chat SDK Icon

Mobile SDK

We offer native IOS and Android video SDK’s to deliver the optimal HD video experience.

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Mobile App Build

No App, no problem.
Configure your experience within weeks.

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Add video chat to your website throughout your existing user experience.



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