Can Cable Customer Service Hate Turn Into Love?

Today’s consumers expect more from customer service. Can cable providers use innovative technology to improve the experience?

The largest cable providers are amongst the most hated companies in America year after year.  The sad part is that in most cases, the products and services they offer are reliable, and sometimes superior to their competition.  The problem is that these companies brand promise to their customers doesn’t connect with the customer’s expectations. Can the cable customer service adapt to the technology innovation to provide a better experience?

As a society, we have become so dependent while immensely addicted to our Internet, wireless and TV services.  Our children haven taken it to another level. The generation of child in our households cannot do anything without their electronics. Whether it’s a phone, tablet, Xbox, Netflix, Amazon Echo or any other devices, they can’t watch TV without the “multiple device syndrome”.

Regardless of generation, if our service is down for seconds, even minutes and god forbid days, we go nuts.  Here is how today’s frustrated customer experience goes (in the eye of a cable customer):

  1. Customer figures out there is an issue. The individual tries to resolve it one to multiple times themselves consequently, getting more frustrated as the minutes go by.
  2. The customer breaks down, cringes and calls the 800# for support. They cross their fingers they are going to get someone on the phone that speaks great English and quickly resolves their issue.
  3. A Cable customer service representative comes on the line, they ask such basic questions (where is the customer profiling that shows I’m smart enough to know that my cable modem is plugged into the wall).
  4. Once they get past the 5-7 minutes of basic questions and troubleshooting, finally, the Tier 2 support comes on the line to try and help.
  5. The dreaded words come out of the agent’s mouth, “we’re going to have to send out a technician (truck roll) to look at it in person”. The Customer’s frustration level goes from 10 to 100 in one sentence. Hence, 40% of all problems with cable service could have been resolved without a truck roll. As a result, the $65-100 dollar truck roll is spoiled costing cable companies millions of dollars per year.
  6. Better news, you are now going to get “on the schedule” for the next available technician in your area. Shocker! It’s going to be in three days. The Customer fights, asks to speak to a supervisor, threatens to cancel, you name it.
  7. Icing on the cake, the customer needs to take off work from 12-5pm on Tuesday. As a result, they complain to all their friends, co-workers and social media about their cable customer service issues.

Customer’s no longer look at customer experience by industry, they measure it across everything and everyone they interact with.

Cable companies need to use technology innovation to connect and respond better to sales and support issues. Not only will using mobile video connection technology increase the Customer Satisfaction, it will increase retention rates and decrease costs.

Let’s look at how using mobile video technology innovation could change this bad experience to a good if not great customer experience.

  1. Customer figures out there is an issue. The cable subscriber tries to resolve it one to multiple times, while they get more frustrated by the minute.
  2. The individual breaks down, cringes and calls the 800# for support. They cross their fingers they are going to get someone on the phone to quickly resolves their issue.
  3. The Cable company representative comes on the line, they ask specific questions based on the user issue. As a result, the representative determines it cannot be resolved over the phone.
  4. The cable representative tells the Customer that they can send out a technician. However, the  next appointment is in 3 days, alternatively they can download a mobile app and try live video  troubleshooting.
  5. Immediately, the Customer goes from pissed off to “hope” in their voice. The possibility of having their TV and internet back on for tonight.
  6. The Customer downloads the cable providers’ mobile app, enters a code to connect with the Tier 2 Support agent and BOOM the “technician” is in the Customer’s home now.
  7. The technician can see what the Customer is seeing, as a result, reducing the call time by seeing the issue live with visual information. No waiting three days or sitting for hours.
  8. The Customer experience changes to a “thankful” retained Customer vs. an upset high risk Customer.

One Touch Brand video chat technology can quickly save costs and increase cable customer service experience with technical support. In addition, there are a few other areas that are exciting Cable Industry Executives on potential use cases such as:

  • Assistance in the order selling process to understand the prospective customer’s needs, wants and usage. This allows for better retention by helping them choose the right product, therefore, allowing for better upsell opportunities.
  • Technician to technician troubleshooting while in the customers’ home.

We want everything at our fingertips so why should connecting to your cable company be any different. One Touch Brands’ video chat technology allows you to elevate the brand experience, reduce costs and increase your cable CSAT scores.