How to Incorporate Live Video Interviews Into Your Existing Interview Process

How to Incorporate Live Video Interviews Into Your Existing Interview Process

On this week’s Coffee with Carrie: How to Incorporate a Live Video Interview Into Your Existing Interview Process

So you’re considering Live Video Interviews.  What exactly does that look like?

Every company has pretty much the same process with slightly different components and processes.  The key is the place where you schedule your interviews.  In many cases, a phone screen is the next step in the hiring process after the recruiter has reviewed resumes. The recruiter would then send an e-mail to get the contact info from the applicant.  Instead of setting up a time for a phone screen, you would schedule through a direct live video interview link. A direct code for the job could also be used in cases of high volume.  Then you would conduct the interview through that link or direct code at the specified time.  The interviewer would use a portal to collect survey information and applicant feedback post-interview.

How does this save on resources?

Up to 70% of resource time is saved with a live video interview.  Phone screens don’t necessarily give a full impression of a candidate that a video chat can.  Video can save up to 6x resource time over phone screen.  It also can identify culture and job fit faster and reduce the number of candidates moving to the next step in the process.  Additionally, having a survey allows for integrated record keeping that can be exported to compare candidate pools.  Furthermore, negative candidate experience can hurt your bottom line. For job seekers who had a negative hiring experience, 52% are likely to boycott the company’s products.  That means every touchpoint along the way for a candidate needs to take them into account. 

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