This Coffee with Carrie video blog gives three tips to save hiring manager’s time using live video interviews. This blog is for all the hiring managers out there and the pain we go through in finding great candidates.

We all have war stories on interviews, resumes, and candidates.

This video blog is to give three tips to save hiring manager’s time. The old school hiring mentality process is broken. We want to live in a digital age, attract younger talent yet we’re having folks fill out paper applications, fill out online applications AND submit a resume.

Hiring managers, HR professionals, and executive spend a ton of time talking about “culture” and “candidate experience” yet, we don’t interview in the manner to quickly or effectively address both.

Three Tips to Save Hiring Manager’s Time:

  1. Phone Interviews Are Old School, Migrate
    • Phone interviews are better than nothing, however, it still brings in a larger percentage of candidates for in-person interviews than you need.
    • Live video interviews are 6x faster than phone interviews.
  2. Find Out Culture Fit Before They Come Onsite
    • We’ve all had the experience that someone is great on paper, great on the phone and then in the first 5 minutes of the in-person interview, you know it’s not going to work. Why waste another 55 minutes of your time?
  3. Gain Competitive Advantage, Make The Best First Impression
    • 80% of job candidates will go WITH the company that has built a personal relationship with them in the interview process.
    • All your competitors are doing phone interviews. If the candidate is interviewing with you, they are interviewing with others too. I guarantee they won’t remember almost any of the names of the folks they did phone interviews with. BUT, they will always remember the video interview person every time, and very specific details about the person.
  4. Video Interview Across Many Hiring Managers: Keep Up The Candidate Experience
    1. You can interview 5-6x candidates through live video interview vs. 1 in-person interview.

The ROI for hiring managers to use live video interviews is days. You can implement live video interviews on your website in days AND for less than two hours of your time. PS. It saves 70% of your hiring time per month! Learn more.