Hiring Competitive Advantage with Live Video Interviews

Staffing executives list 2 priorities as the most essential for their business. The first: finding suitable, qualified candidates for their position. The second is not as straightforward: How do you gain a competitive advantage over opposing companies? This Coffee with Carrie episode talks about how live video interviews can help companies create a recruiting and hiring competitive advantage.

Improve the Candidate Experience

Online applications are frustrating. Your candidates have hundreds of jobs coming across their desk, with no human interaction. 100 question deep applications are the trends of yesteryear. How does that represent your company to applicants? Let’s not even talk paper applications.

80% of candidates say they will take one job over another if they have built a personal relationship in the interview process. With live video interviews, you establish a personalized relationship from Day 1. Instead of an initial phone screen, where no real relationship is made, elevate the candidate experience. And during all of this, you provide a distinct experience from your competitors.

Qualified Candidates, Faster

Video interviews are 70% faster than phone calls. How many times have you brought candidates into the office, only to know within the first 30 seconds they’re not a culture fit? Or that they have horrendous people skills? You can’t assess those qualities over a phone call.

Live video interviews give you extra insight into applicants, reducing the time for the hiring process. You’ll save your time, and the candidates time, simply through face-to-face interaction on live video interviews. Not to mention you will get hiring competitive advantage over your competitors.

More Efficient Process

Live video interviews streamline the process for recruiters and hiring managers. Most impactful are cost savings and time. With the average cost to hire being thousands of dollars, you can’t afford to go wrong.

Experience these benefits through live video interviews:

  • Reduce hiring costs by 2/3
  • Interview remote candidates faster (6x faster than phone)
  • Reduce speed to hire by 7-14 days
  • Gain hiring competitive advantage, be an innovative brand

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