Online Retail Home Furnishings is on the Rise.


This Coffee with Carrie Online Retail Home Furnishings- Augmented Reality Needs Video Chat, video blog talks about how the home furnishing category is on a huge rise of online growth. Which retailers are innovating in this category, what’s working, what’s cool and what should retail executive in furniture, household goods, and home goods be thinking about. How do you personalize online shopping to convert more sales without having to go in-store?

 Retailers Are Using Augmented Reality BUT is it driving Revenue?

Augmented reality is an established technology, Ikea and Restoration Hardware are already implementing it. But retailers have encountered a major hurdle: it doesn’t convert sales. Why require customers on their mobile app to travel to stores? By then you’ve lost the sale. Instead, use video chat to guide customers through the sale.

Video Chat takes those engaged customers and converts them into revenue:

  • Easy access to video chat straight from the app
  • Salesperson can show them products in real-time
  • Qualities like proportions, sizing, and texture can be seen better than in Augmented Reality
  • Human interaction makes converting the sale seamless

While augmented reality can simulate what the furniture MIGHT look like in their home, showing the customer what it ACTUALLY looks like converts the sale. Sales reps can answer questions with a live look at the products in their cart and answer any questions that might hold them back.

Augmented Reality Needs Video Chat to Convert

Video chat also allows retailers to take market share beyond their regional locations. Customers can browse, chat, and order right from the comfort of their own home. Who’s to stop someone 2 hours away from buying your furniture? Most online shoppers will be shipping to their home anyways. By saving them the trip, your reach can increase significantly. Not to mention the potential gain in market share over your competitors in the same region.

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